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Digital Access II

If you are a teacher it concerns you!

In the DIGITAL CARE II Program, new, special categories of beneficiaries are supported, with vouchers worth €200 for the purchase of technological equipment.

If you are a teacher it concerns you!
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Who is entitled to it?

Teachers of the Public or Private sector of primary and secondary education as well as families with dependent members as well as minors under the supervision of students attending educational structures of the country, and were affected by the fires that broke out in areas of Greek territory from July 27th to 13th. 2021

How do I participate in the Program?

To apply for a grant or to monitor the status of your application and the issuance of checks, go to the Digital Care page of the Program.

How long does the program last?

Grant applications can be submitted between May 11, 2022 and July 8, 2022. After the approval of the application, equipment (Tablet, Laptop, Desktop) can be purchased until September 30, 2022

How do I redeem the Voucher?

You can place your order through electrocrete.gr or by calling 2811 802200.

What can I get?

Within the Program, the purchase of the following types of technological equipment is subsidized:

  • Portable tablets
  • Laptops
  • Fixed computers (desktops) and optionally, some of their peripherals.

Devices must have some minimum technical specifications to be eligible for a grant. They must also be accompanied by specific warranty, support and antivirus and user protection software when browsing the internet.

Can I choose any product I want for the voucher redemption?

No, the program covers products of specific categories (Tablet, Laptop, Desktop), as well as combinations thereof. These products are labeled "Digital Care II"

Can I make my purchase with an invoice?

The redemption of the Voucher of Digital Care II, concerns exclusively purchases with retail proof.

Can I choose a product that costs more than € 200?

You can choose any of the products labeled "Digital Care II" regardless of its value. If it is more expensive you can pay the difference by choosing between: cash on delivery, credit-debit card or bank deposit.

How many vouchers can I use in one market?

You can redeem up to 3 vouchers to subsidize a single eligible solution. That is, the amount of the grant per eligible solution can not exceed € 600.


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