Pan 28cm Izzy Onyx

The Izzy frying pan is made of aluminum, a material that makes it light, very resistant to rust and very fast to heat. We suggest you choose this pan if you want to cook 2-4 servings of food. To keep the non-stick coating intact, we advise you to let the utensil cool before cleaning it and to avoid the cleaning wire. Prefer a soft, synthetic sponge.
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Shipping €2.00

Διάμετρος (cm): 28
Για Επαγωγικές Εστίες: Ναι
Υλικό Κατασκευής: Forged Aluminum
Pan 28cm Izzy Onyx

Product specifications

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
Διάμετρος (cm) : 28
Για Επαγωγικές Εστίες : Ναι
Υλικό Κατασκευής: Forged Aluminum
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Εγγύηση 2


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