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"Recycling - Changing Home Devices"

Applications started in the program of subsidizing new electrical appliances by recycling old ones!


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What is the duration of the program?

The application phase has started and will be valid until Tuesday, July 5, 2022 at 15:00.

After this period, the results will be announced to which you can appeal within 7 days, while the redemptions of the vouchers can be done until Friday, September 16, 2022

What devices and how many, concerns the program?

The program concerns 1 to 3 appliances, in the category of air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers. Specifically, one can recycle one device from each category, except for air conditioners that can recycle 2 devices.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries of the Program are home consumers who have installed in their home, and not in a professional space, an old electrical appliance (air conditioner or refrigerator or freezer) which they want to replace with another newer technology and more energy efficient.

How do I participate in the program?

To submit your application, all you have to do is go to the official address of the "RECYCLE - CHANGE DEVICE" program (click here) and through it connect to the taxisnet codes.

Then all you need is:

  • the 11-digit power supply number of the home where the appliances to be replaced are located
  • the number of devices per category you wish to replace
  • the note of the existence or non-existence of a member in the family with special needs
  • a unique mobile phone number to which you will receive the voucher later
Can I buy a device with a subsidy and without having an old one?

No. The program concerns old devices that are in operation and the activation of the subsidy is done only if a corresponding old one is recycled, so the delivery of the product for recycling will be evaluated by a contracted technician who will check the condition of the devices you want to recycle.

What is the amount of the grant?

The amount of the subsidy concerns 30% to 50% (depending on the income criteria of the beneficiary) of the final price of the new device with maximum amounts per product category.

Thus, for air conditioners depending on the subsidy rate and depending on the BTUs the subsidy can reach up to 572.58 € + VAT

For refrigerators, the subsidy depending on the subsidy rate can reach up to 342.74 € + VAT

And for the freezers, the subsidy depending on the subsidy rate, can reach up to € 181.45 + VAT

Attention: The grant concerns only the nominal value of the device and does not cover any costs of transport, installation or purchase of accessories.

How do I know if I am eligible for the grant?

The program concerns at least 350,000 households which will be subsidized in proportion to income criteria and the presence or absence of a disabled member in a family, as well as the point system method depending on the number of children and the type of family (e.g. .parental).


If the number of applications exceeds the program budget then the applications that exceed the program will be defined as runners-up and will remain pending until a possible second phase of release of funds.


In any case, if you are not selected, you can appeal after the announcement of the results.

How do I cash out my check?

For each subsidized category, a different check (voucher) will be issued to each beneficiary, which will be in digital form and cannot be transferred, while it concerns a specific amount.


The beneficiary can then go to the store (physical or electronic) and choose the product he wants from the subsidized categories contained in the voucher he has and at the time of purchase his voucher is temporarily reserved for 30 days within which it must be done the purchase of the new product but also the delivery of the old one. If the above procedure is not performed successfully the check / s are released and are again available to the beneficiary.

How do I deliver my old device?

Your old device to be delivered must be made to the retailer from whom the purchase of your new subsidized device has been made and more specifically, either to a partner or to his warehouse, while it must be perfect.


Uninstalling and transporting the product for recycling is the sole responsibility of the beneficiary.

Why does it concern you?

Because it is a unique opportunity to replace Home Appliances that you have but on the one hand they do not cover you because they are old and on the other hand due to age they consume more electricity. The approved categories of devices meet specific energy criteria, as a result of which you save on electricity, even 300 € per year! Especially, the old air conditioners need constant maintenance and their age is associated with very high electricity consumption while protecting the environment and avoiding future damage due to age.

Recycling concerns us all

💡 Whether it is paper and plastic bottles, or an entire household appliance, recycling is your contribution to the environment. A contribution that has multiple benefits to the planet, but also to you!

💡 Recycling appliances protects the environment from waste, while replacing them in a reasonable life cycle protects the environment from pollution.

💡 At the same time, by recycling the devices, we contribute to saving the cost of production of new materials which will be offered in this way a little more economically, while at the same time, our immediate benefit is greater precisely because of the recycling subsidy.

Tips for air conditioners

♻️ WiFi connection. Smart devices are established precisely because they serve very important facilities. Make rules where the air conditioner will turn off late at night or will know when you are approaching it to properly prepare the temperature in the rooms!

♻️ Choose an air conditioner where it works as both an ionizer and an air purifier. You will be surprised that the correct cleaning of the air in the house can save you from unnecessary use of the cooling of the air conditioner.

♻️ Select the correct BTUs. A 9,000 BTU air conditioner is not enough to heat / cool a large space such as the living room, as a result of which it works continuously without being able to reach the desired temperature, while the power consumption will be multiple.

Save energy

♻️ Choosing a low energy device will help you reduce your electricity bill.

♻️ Energy class from A to G. Just before your purchase, do not be afraid to choose the devices with the best energy class. Their amortization will be much faster!

♻️ Especially in refrigerators, the classic No Frost has now been replaced with Full No Frost technology, which takes even more care of the products in the refrigerator, consuming less electricity.

♻️ Place the refrigerator and freezer away from heat sources such as ovens, radiators and direct sunlight, so as not to increase power consumption.

♻️ If you are away from home for a long time (finally, vacation!) Unplug it.


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