Payment methods

You are able to choose one of the following options for making payments :

Cash on delivery: Payment by cash is available only in Crete. You are able to choose between receipt or invoice. If the total cost is 200€ or more, deposit is required. Also in specific cases of orders it is possible that the cash on delivery method of payment will not be supported (possibly due to weight, recipient zip code, sensitivity of the product, etc.). In any case, there will be confirmation by phone.

Credit card: By choosing payment by credit card, you will be redirected to the secure environment of Eurobank in order to enter your details. You can use VISA, MASTERCARD or Eurobank Euroline.

e-wallets: You have the possibility to make your payment with your digital wallet - such as Google Pay or Apple Pay - easily, quickly and securely.

Installment Plan without Credit Card: It is possible to pay in installments without using a credit card. With the "Pay epi 4" service you can pay in 4 interest-free installments in a few minutes and with a service cost of €2 per installment, while the option to purchase in 3 to 60 installments is given with a fixed interest rate from 13.1% to 22.1 %. It concerns amounts from €251 to €10,000, while the administrative cost of €15 is divided into monthly installments. Both services are provided with the support of tbi bank.

Bank Transfer: You can pay at no additional cost, by using your bank's secure e-banking environment, through IRIS.

Here are the available bank accounts:

ALPHA Account Number: 775002320000681 ΙΒΑΝ: GR9301407750775002320000681
EUROBANK Account Number: 0026.0276.25.0200171890 ΙΒΑΝ: GR4902602760000250200171890
ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ Account Number: 5754-015171-335 ΙΒΑΝ: GR1601727540005754015171335
ΕΘΝΙΚΗ Account Number: 205 44048315 ΙΒΑΝ: GR1401102050000020544048315

Please, do not forget to fill in the serial number of your order.

Send us a copy of the bank transfer payment either by fax (2810264749) or by email (in case of deposit through WEB BANKING) at


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